Red Events

Versatile event agency

Red Events conducts a wide range of corporate and public events and promotions for companies. They offer active and sales-oriented staff all over Finland. Red Events has been in operation since 2006, which demonstrates their experience in organizing events.

Goal of the project

Red Events needed a new website because the old site was outdated. The staff had a few clear requirements that needed to be in the new website:

  • The colour scheme and wavy patterns are part of Red Event’s identity
  • The staff had a clear plan about the website navigation
  • The content was largely ready and we were able to copy it from the old website
  • The appearance of the new website should be modern and distinguished
  • Website should be implemented using WordPress platform

Project implementation

We began to implement the design according to the requirements and quickly finished the first draft. Red Events then commented the design and we made the necessary modifications.

When the design was finished and aproved, we implemented the website with using WordPress. We modified the site a little bit before the release. This way the site became just the way the it was wanted

Site Maintenance

The project was implemented in 2017 and we have made changes and minor updates from time to time. We serve Red Events on an hourly basis whenever there is a need for updates.