Motorhome Rental Finland

A motorhome is like a hotel suite on wheels

Motorhome Rental Finland rents motorhomes. Motorhome Rental Finland started by renting their motorhomes on website. Very quickly after the company was founded, Motorhome Rental Finland wanted to stand out from its competitors and build their own brand.

Project Objective

The customer wanted a comprehensive project to build the entire company’s brand and identity. The requirement was that the brand should communicate the Nordic trust and quality. Customers are often foreign tourists; therefore, a Nordic brand was particularly important.

Another important objective was to build a booking system where their customers can book motorhomes directly from the website. Motorhomes include large amount of additional accessories and it was difficult to sell them from the current channel. In addition, managing all the bookings required a lot of manual work.

Planning of the project

As with all our projects, we began to introduce some ideas about different styles of company identities. The customer quickly decided that the color scheme should be blue, white and grey. The led to logo implementation. Logo has an outline of Saana (a finish famous mountain peak) and ” Motorhome Rental Finland ” written with a clear font.

When the logo and colour scheme had already been implemented, our designer began to design the website. We presented the first layouts and designs after a few days.The design of the pages took into account the communication of trust and we aimed to promote the Nordic landscape.

Implementation of the project

The website and the booking system were developed with Woocommers – platform. We did a custom implementation since the booking system had unconventional requirements. The customer now has an opportunity to book motorhomes and all related accessories directly from the website. We enabled different payment options to lower the purchase barrier.

Site and brand maintenance

The site has been improved and new features have been added flexibly. The booking system has been improved constantly to meet the user demand and to serve customers.

We have also designed various flyers and posters for trade fairs and marketing campaigns.