Mirtalk – mobile application

Breaking the language barriers

MirTalk’s video interpreting service is aimed at on-demand customers and interpreters. Users is able define the language and gender of the interpreter, after which the user can see the available interpreters. The user can call the interpreter directly from the application and the interpretation can begin. The user is charged for the interpretation based on based on the time of the video call. The user can see all made calls and their information from their profile.

Goal of the project

Dosti Interpretation and Translation Services Ltd wanted the Mirtalk mobile app for both Android and IOS. In addition, Mirtalk users and their interpretations should be managed using a web based management system.

The customer had a clear understanding of the functionalities of the application and a design layout of the mobile application had been made before starting the project.

Understanding the interpretation process and user journey

To better understand the user journey, we worked closely with Dost’s staff. We aimed to make it clear who is the end user of the application and in what situations an interpreter is needed on a fast schedule. The interpreters were able to tell us that the first users of the application would be public administration and health care personnel.

Since the application was well thought out, we were able to begin implementing a prototype.


First, we designed the logo and user interfaces for Mirtalk. This was done to make the intial layots more modern. We made the first protoype where users logged in and made the progress until interpretation, however, the video call feature itself was not yet implemented. The dashboard of the management system was not designed at this point.

We identified challenges in certain customer segments, therefore we made new functionalities for the application. We added a “favorites” section where the user can access same interpreters if they are available.

Implementation of the mobile application

We began to implement the project with longer development cycles as we would usuallyu. This was because the requirements were very clear for us. Both the mobile application and the web-based dashboard were well defined before the project. Minor changes were made during the implementation of the project, but there were no major misunderstandings.

Because the customer wanted to have both Android and IOS app, we implemented the app with React Native. This way, we implemented the most cost-effective project possible.


The project was completed and launched in autumn 2018. Customers were able to use the app immediately after the launch and the product was developed immediately after the launch.
Mirtalk Oy was founded and they continue to develop the application with their own developers. Webily has supported development whenever needed.