HelloWork – Mobile application

HelloWork connects Everyday tasks with their doers.

HelloWork is a mobile app where ordinary people can easily find each other around everyday work. One needs a task to be done (e.g. for grass cutting, small renovations, home cleaning, etc.) and the other needs some work and earn money.  HelloWork makes it easy for people to agree on a task, compensation and automatically handles all bureaucracy, payroll and legal obligations.

Target of the project

HelloWork Oy wanted a digital service where “employers” could hire “employees” directly from a mobile app. Due to the bureaucracy involved in the employment, we invested heavily in overall the user experience straight from the beginning of the project. The service should be easy and smooth to use from the very first try.

Another important objective was to provide a reliable service that can be trusted by both parties (employers and employees). The design of the service and the communication are carried out in such a way that the user is left with a trusted feeling about the service. The service must function properly since users are giving personal information to the service.

Understanding the project and potential challenges

One big part of the project was to learn about the existing bureaucracy while making temporary employment contracts. We understood the current legal process, and we made wire frames to discuss the possible user journeys with our customers. We modified and finalized the wireframe and the customer applied for an Innovation Voucher from Business Finland (https://www.businessfinland.fi/en/for-finnish-customers/services/funding/research-and-development/innovation-voucher/)


The innovation voucher made it possible for us to implement a prototype. We created did the prototype with proper designs and with no back-end functionalities. The aim of the prototype was to further enhance the wireframe with “real” designs. The prototype was designed to collect feedback from potential users. Webily’s partner made the UI design of the mobile application

Implementation of the project

We implemented the HelloWork mobile app for Android and IOS. The requirements changed during the project, while we received new information from users and we learned more about the legistlation. With an agile development method, we managed to make the changes so that the project did not cost more than initially planned.

The customer was particularly active in the project, therefore we held meetings every week. We went through prioritization of features and discussed better ways to implement certain requirements. The customer was in constant contact with the end users, giving us important feedback during the project.

Launching the mobile app

The customer gathered a group of test users who can try the service for the first time. We have defined the main steps that the user should be able to perform without instruction:

  • Create a profile
  • Submitting a job post
  • Applying for a job post
  • Initiate a discussion in HelloWork Chat
  • Payment proces
  • Reviewing of the employer and the employee after work

The HelloWork service will be launched when users can go through the above-mentioned steps without any instruction. The application has not been launched yet.